The Battleaxe Warriors are like Canada’s Juggalos, but apparently Madchild founded the group on an unpaid debt.

Fans of 2006 Canadian music are all too familiar with Swollen Members. The legendary Canadian group tore their way out of Vancouver and onto the national stage before legal issues kept them trapped in Canada and an addiction to oxycontin kept member Madchild from making music. But a few years ago, Madchild started to make his way back onto the scene with the introduction of the “Battleaxe Warriors,” which looks like a Madchild fan club styled after a biker gang. According to their website, Battleaxe Warriors is “a brotherhood that is multi-cultural and world wide. It is a closed community of brothers that value loyalty and respect. We practice to become the best at what we do.” Joining the Battleaxe Warriors is as simple as filling out a form online and purchasing some gear. After you receive your gear, new members must send a picture of themselves in the gear so they can be given you your member numbers.

But according to a case filed against Madchild and the Battleaxe Warriros, this brotherhood owes the founding partner almost $30,000 in unpaid debts.

According to court documents, Madchild, whose real name is Shane Bunting, partnered with David Waltho to create the Battleaxe Warriors in January of 2010. The plan was to have the group be a members-only fan club centred on Machild’s stage name and persona.

Over the course of the spring and summer of 2010, Madchild repeatedly told Waltho that he had to invest $5,000 into the Battleaxe Warriors movement to be considered a “true partner,” despite Madchild treating Waltho like a full and true partner since the inception of the clan. Waltho says Madchild asked for the money because he didn’t want to invest his own funds into the movement.

Around the fall of 2010, Waltho gave Madchild the $5,000 in a lump sum to be considered a partner. Throughout 2011, Madchild would make assurances to Waltho that he was an equal partner and that he shared equally in all partnership profits. The entire time these assurances were made, Madchild never clarified how the partnership was structured or whether it was a registered partnership recognized by the province of British Columbia.

Waltho also gifted Madchild several personal loans, giving him $6,500 for a Harley and $8,500 for a Mustang. He also contributed $8,500 for the production of two Madchild albums: Ten Years of Turmoil in 2010, and Dope Sick in 2012.

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